Harajuku, Tokyo 1978

Kumi Hideki & Keishi Tanaka, two young Japanese designers, established “KORÖSHI”, a global network of independent artists, also known as "Maniak Graphic Designers".

The first 12 members of KORÖSHI experienced something extraordinary: Everyone wearing their designs gained supernatural powers. This news spread like wildfire in the international creative community: From their hometown Tokyo to other cities like New York, London, Sydney, Paris, Vancouver, and many more...

The network of Maniak Graphic Designers expanded extremely fast; soon their potential was feared by a growing number of obscure elite groups, secret governmental agencies and multinationals of organized crime. They considered them as a thread for their hegemony of global control - and weaved a plot to eliminate them.

These circumstances forced Kumi & Keishi to run away and exile from Tokyo. Thanks to their supporters all around the globe, they were able to hide and soon they re-established the movement.


According to the legend, in spite of all their precautions, the thread caught up on them a few years later. However, on the spot where some people believed they were killed, only a sign of blood was found: a “K” with 2 dots, which are supposed to stand for their 2 founders, and a brief note on the floor:



"YOU CANNOT STOP US, the KORÖSHI Revolution has just begun".

...their bodies were never found,

and are still missing today.